Love to the world

Mission Statement

In times when war, conflicts, the fear of terrorism and social turmoil threaten our daily lives, we want to send out both a simple and impactful message and embed it into your conscience: LOVE TO THE WORLD!

More for the world

Less? Is more!
Less stress – more calm.
Less pressure – more composure.
Less violence – more peace.
Less alone – more together.
Less bad – more good.
The goal: A better world.



Be aware of your actions and their effect.
Act carefully!


Do not harm anyone – neither physically nor mentally!


Act as a role model – ensure that humanity sets the benchmark!


You can always decide. You have got a choice – take it!


Send out love and you will receive love!

Think positive = take positive action!

How can we make LOVE TO THE WORLD work? People who think positive can take positive action. Despite all the problems in the world: there is always something good. Learn to recognise it. You have got the choice: does the red traffic light stop? Or does it give you a break? Does a challenge mean stress or a chance to you? Does meeting a refugee bewilder or enrich you? Think positive, be cheerful and leave a trace of happiness!


… and now?

Live and send out LOVE TO THE WORLD!

You decide how: Tell friends about LOVE TO THE WORLD, like us, follow us, write a song or poem, attach the LOVE TO THE WORLD logo to your emails, use it as a statement, as a sticker, as a fashion label. Come up with LOVE TO THE WORLD events, invite to a LOVE TO THE WORLD party, invent a LOVE TO THE WORLD dish, send out the LOVE TO THE WORLD message in different languages and to other cultures, post your LOVE TO THE WORLD experience in social networks and on this site!

Join us and help the world become a better place!

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Auto in BAD

Auto in BAD

Drive around love messages - which message would you like to send to the world?

Goldene Hochzeit

Goldene Hochzeit

River cruise to celebrate my parent's Golden Wedding - a wonderful surprise from the Captain!



Wondering if the graffiti sprayer won Meike's heart? Please drop us a line! We wanne know the whole story!

Kunstwerk in FFM

Kunstwerk Ffm

First love, last love! Even it's from crude steel it will last forever…

Tonteller in Camogli

Tonteller Camogli

Love can be found in the far corner and on the smallest spot…

Electric Love

Electric Love

all colours of love - seen at the end of the world!



sometimes good things are so small



Lovers don't stop at traffic lights - Oktoberfest in Munich



Apparently, love really doesn’t stop at red lights - seen on Akureyi island


Jahrhundertealte Liebe

… and here we even have two trees deeply in love … seen in Frankfurt at Oberschweinstiege


Love truly defies everything

...even gravity


Music is what love sounds like

Click here for a breathtaking example of the power of music: youtube


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send love to the world.

We, the signatories of the „Love to the world“-Charta, express our intention to speak and act according to the listed principles as a basis for peaceful coexistence between people.

We are fully aware of our individual responsibility to act for a liveable world.

We call upon the political, economic and religious leaders to act as role models and be constantly aware of the responsibility of their actions.

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